Factors Game The 🐐 of Fun Math Games

Can You Get to 1?

With a twist on the basic rules of division, Factors Game is a fun math game designed to be easy to learn but increasingly challenge your mental math skills as you progress through the levels.

The Goal

Move your number down through the number board to get as close to 1 as possible in the least amount of moves.

But be warned, some levels may not be solvable with a 1! Your overarching goal is to keep your ending average as low as possible.

The Controls

The Rules

While You're Here …

Did you know that Factors Game is a game designed to build your childs concentration with ability to build the childs mind do mathematical arithmetics easily? This will make your child to start liking playing with numbers. And this we promise will make them start liking maths. Sukuul Home Site!